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SDA sports and athletics

Soccer net and goalieDo you kick, swing, run, bike, ski, throw, flip, skate, hike, jump, climb and/or swim? If so, Seventh-day Adventist sports programs are ready to facilitate your active lifestyle. There are SDA sports events for men and women available at every Seventh-day Adventist school. You're encouraged to participate in any Adventist sports program you wish to join. You can be a part of basketball, racquetball, ice hockey, tennis, swimming, ping-pong, baseball, volleyball and countless other sports.

Some colleges even have specific SDA sports traditions that involve the entire campus and the surrounding towns. The Sonnenberg Series of best-of-three basketball games, the Onion Bowl football tournament, and the Newmyer Classic basketball tournament are just a few of the Adventist sports events that attract a crowd each year.

Baseball playerSome of our schools are positioned near large outdoor recreation areas that host Adventist sports activities like mountain biking, snow skiing, soccer and golf, so you can experience your faith actively against the backdrop of God's beautiful creation.

Complement your faith-charged education through participation in a wide variety of SDA sports activities, with the exception of upside-down rugby.