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What Parents Say

Sometimes the best way to find out about the possibilities and benefits of an Adventist education is to hear from those who have already made that investment and commitment – from other parents like you. Below, you'll find out more about what some of them have said about the choice they made and what their children have experienced at Adventist schools.

"From the spiritual emphasis felt throughout the campus to small class sizes that facilitate individual attention, our children received a topnotch education at Union for which we continue to be grateful."

- Sheryl and Gale, Union College parents

"It's comforting as a parent to know that Southern focuses on God and that I'm leaving my child in good hands – in God's hands."

- Patrice, Southern Adventist University parent

"Christian education is the best investment any parent can make. I'm glad that Southwestern was there to not only educate my two kids for life, but help them understand the value of being an Adventist Christian in today's world."

- Glen, Southwestern Adventist University parent

"When I packed up my daughter Lauren and took her there, I was sure she would be calling home every day requesting to come home or begging me to come and see her. You see, she was a 'home body' and we have a very good relationship. I was sure she could not survive without her mother. Frankly, I am very disappointed because she hardly calls more than once per week and any time I call, she is in such high spirits, I wonder if getting an education should be so exhilarating. Last Sunday when I asked her if she was doing good, her reply was, 'Mom, I'm doing better than good.' Thank you for providing such a wonderful environment for our children where they can excel spiritually, socially and intellectually."

- Maureen, Andrews University parent

"Florida Hospital College [now Adventist University of Health Sciences] has helped my son become more responsible and gain his independence. He has been given the opportunity to discover his own spiritual beliefs and to participate in Bible studies. We really appreciate the individualized attention he has received."

- Sharla, Adventist University of Health Sciences parent

"Walla Walla University has had a positive influence on my two daughters. They weren't sure they wanted to attend WWU, but after coming they changed their minds. They experienced the same thing I had years before – a very warm, friendly, Christian atmosphere. They made great friends and enjoyed their professors."

- Gayle, Walla Walla University parent

"Our daughter attended Kettering College for two-and-a-half years to pursue a career as a nurse. This was a wonderful experience for her as she learned to live on her own, forming close, lifelong friendships, and growing in her walk with God. KC is a top-of-the-line medical education facility, and it has provided the tools Lindsey will need to pursue her future goal of becoming a medical missionary."

- Denny & Becky, Kettering College parents

"Our daughter told us after having transferred to Union from another college, 'If I had just wanted an education, the other school would be great, but since I want to be a leader, I'm glad I'm at Union.' We were impressed that Union College made such an impact on our daughter's life."

- Phil and Marlys, Union College parents

"We were looking for a college with a good curriculum and a strong spiritual basis. We decided on Southern."

- Michael, Southern Adventist University parent

"Our son came to Florida Hospital College [now Adventist University of Health Sciences] during the summer to take just a couple of classes, but this school completely changed his career path. His chemistry teacher took a special interest in him, encouraged his natural abilities in the sciences, and now he has a direction for his future that he didn't have before – he plans to become a doctor! We are so grateful for the extra time that this professor spent mentoring Matthew, our son."

- Karen, Adventist University of Health Sciences parent

"I am very pleased with Andrews, not just because it is a good academic school, but because of the sincerity and warmth which we were surrounded with. People were amazed when I returned as to how calm and happy I was – I told them it was because AU had given us two wonderful days of orientation that I felt as if I was able to really 'let go.' I especially appreciated the opportunity to write my son a prayer, and then symbolically bring it forward. It was a high point of my stay there."

- Cheryl, Andrews University parent

"For me as a parent there was no other choice. I know what Christian education did for me and we wanted the same for our children. Walla Walla University provided an excellent education and an environment that encouraged Christian growth and expression."

- Steve, Walla Walla University parent