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Recreational Activities

Recreational Activities at SDA Colleges

From mountains to beaches to desert, corn mazes to film studios to White House tours, you'll find plenty of off-campus recreational activities near our SDA universities and colleges. Whether you enjoy indoor or outdoor activities, or prefer summer, fall, winter or spring fun, there are Adventist activities for you to enjoy at each one of our campuses.

Current SDA Activities:

  • Walking, hiking and biking trails
  • Ballet, symphony and opera
  • Snow boarding, ice skating and snowmobiling
  • Zoos, wildlife preserves and national parks
  • Sailing, surfing and wakeboarding
  • Indoor and outdoor theatres
  • Snow skiing, tobogganing and snow shoeing
  • City parks, playgrounds and pools
  • Fishing, hunting and camping
  • Gallerias, shopping malls and outlet stores
  • Horseback riding and rodeos
  • Cultural centers and sight-seeing tours
  • Boating, scuba diving and kite boarding
  • Rock climbing, spelunking and bird-watching
  • Planetariums, botanical gardens and nature centers
  • Kayaking, rafting and canoeing
  • World cuisine and fine-dining restaurants
  • BMX racing, disc golf and skateboarding
  • Aquariums, riverboat cruises and vineyard tours